About Us

Hachman Construction is a residential construction company based in Marin County, California. We specialize in remodel construction projects such as kitchens, bathrooms, additions, window replacement, and all other home improvement projects.  Hachman Construction was started by Tim Hachman in 2003 to

service the residential construction industry in Marin Counties. Since its inception, Hachman Construction has successfully completed projects as simple cosmetic upgrades to million dollar complete house remodels in Marin County and San Francisco.

Our Process

After your initial contact, we arrange a site meeting at your home with the principal of Hachman Construction, Tim Hachman. Tim will walk through the area of your home you are considering for an upgrade. He will listen to your vision for your remodel. Most successful jobs are created by the collaboration of the client, your design professional and the staff of Hachman Construction.  After the design and layout are completed, Hachman Construction prepares a detailed cost analysis for consideration. With final

design and budget requirements met, we proceed to construction with our seasoned staff. Hachman Construction has become synonymous with fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unrivaled personal attention when it comes to their clientele.

If you’re looking to add an addition or remodel your home, please call us today at 415-256-9810.

Our Services

Hachman Construction is your Builder of choice. Our experienced team can build that special, one-of-a-kind Custom Home or remodel your existing residence. We will turn your architect’s plans into an exquisite reality.

Our Services Include:

  • Remodel and custom home construction
  • Permit processing
  • Interface with you, your architect and lender
  • Quality control
  • Green building expertise

Our extensive custom home building experience includes executive and custom homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods in Marin County.  The quality craftsmanship of Hachman Construction has allowed our homeowners to witness a house evolve into their dream home.

Building Green

Conventional building practices consume and unnecessarily deplete huge quantities of natural resources. Everyday the range of green building materials expands. This diverts waste from landfills while offering quality and durability that often exceed conventional materials. There are many effective building strategies that not only conserve natural resources, but provide benefits such as cost savings.

Some examples include:

  • High quality construction for maximum useable life of the building to maximize the benefit from the resources used.
  • Re-use of materials within a project: trim, doors, windows, cabinets, fixtures, etc.
  • Diverting construction waste from landfills by recycling the removed materials.
  • Donation of building materials (kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, fixtures, etc.).

Energy Efficiency provides improved comfort while lowering energy bills. New rules and regulations at federal, state, and local levels have created stringent standards of energy usage and energy sources, and California has targeted aggressive goals towards renewable energy. As individuals, we have many opportunities to participate in these goals through lower energy usage and onsite energy generation, and new products with improved aesthetics and functionality are being introduced on a regular basis.

  • Maximize site conditions through proper design.
  • Use of energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights and use of low-E insulated glass. Installation of high-efficiency furnace equipment (90% efficient and above).
  • Use of whole-house ventilating systems instead of air conditioning.
  • Installation of tankless, instantaneous water heaters.
  • Installation of hot water loop systems which reduce water consumption.
  • Installation of radiant floor heating systems.
  • Florescent, LED and dimmable lighting.